Over 40 brands, an über cool selection and really, really nice people that will help you find the perfect pair.



With a lab located onsite, we’re fully equipped to fill your prescriptions.


We carry the industry’s best lenses. Great selection, great fit, great value.


Broke your glasses? Bring them in, we’ll make them as right as rain.




Are all lenses created equally?

Are all lenses created equally?

Long ago we made the decision to only carry the best quality lenses on the market. We think it’s that important. You only have one set of eyes, treat them well. You might ask what’s the difference, anyway? Well, there’s actually a huge difference. The quality of the lens, the coating, the accuracy of the […]

The fashionable family

The fashionable family

Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean that they can’t get cool frames. We have a great selection that will excite even the pickiest of little people. You can even get kid-sized versions of your fav brands like Ray-ban.

The perfect fit

The perfect fit

I don’t know about you, but one of my ears is a bit higher than the other one. Glasses right off the shelf look crooked on me, kinda like I fell asleep with them on and now they are all wonky. That’s why it’s so nice to have someone fit them perfectly to your face. […]